Teddy's Happy Pawtrait!

Those of you who are signed up for the BearHugs newsletter will know that we love nothing more than hearing back from you all about how you are doing and what you’ve been up to.

One of the most lovely replies we received was from Chloe, who in her reply to the BearHugs newsletter, told me all about her passion for art and how much she loves that it can bring happiness to people.

After chatting a little, Chloe, the brains and talent behind Happy Pawtraits, very kindly offered to draw Teddy, our resident Little Office Helper.

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Smile for ME and Carers Week

The 11th - 17th June this year was carers’ week; a week in which all the amazing people caring for those with extra support needs can receive thanks and recognition for the fantastic help they provide. Smile for ME had the brilliant idea of using carers’ week as an opportunity to let ME sufferers say a big ‘thank you’ to their carers by nominating them to receive a treat. We were so honoured when Smile for ME chose to build a very special range of BearHugs for the occasion!

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BearHugs Bank Holiday Posting

We just wanted to give you a little reminder that next Monday, August 27th 2018, is a bank holiday.

This means that there won’t be any postal collections or deliveries between Saturday August 25th and Monday August 27th, so any orders placed over the bank holiday weekend might have a tiny delay - please don’t worry, we will have your BearHugs on their way as soon as humanly possible!

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Send a gift to friends in Scotland

BearHugs has our thinking of you gift boxes delivered all over the world, but we’re always especially happy when people place BearHugs orders to send a gift to friends in Scotland, as BearHugs will always have roots in Scotland.

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Supporting Chronically Ill Friends - BearHugs Featured on The Mighty

Kelly Williams has recently written a post, 12 Ways You Can Support Your Chronically Ill Friend, for The Mighty, and has kindly included BearHugs gift boxes in her list.

Kelly offers her 12 top ways to support someone in your life living with chronic illness, including ‘Do Your Research’ and ‘Step Into Our World - Since We Can’t Step Out’. Her final tip is simply ‘Gifts Mean The World’, and it’s here where Kelly talks about BearHugs.

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Team BearHugs' Favourite Hug in a Box Treats

Did you know we have a Team BearHugs page? It’s a great way to meet our lovely team and find out a little bit more about them!

Not only does every staff member have their own page, there’s also a little section where they describe their perfect BearHug. If you’ve been looking for a bit of inspiration when it comes to putting together a hug in a box - let the lovely members of team BearHugs give you some ideas!

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Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with The Playful Indian | Brother and Sister Gift Ideas

Dina, the founder of The Playful Indian, has written a lovely blog post focussing on gift ideas for celebrating Raksha Bandhan, which this year takes place on Sunday August 26th. We are really happy that Dina chose to include BearHugs as a gift idea in her gift guide and have suggested a few BearHugs boxes we think could be perfect for celebrating brothers and sisters!

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Radiotherapy Gift Ideas

Just recently, we received a message through social media from a lovely lady called Heather, who, after seeing our Cub Hug (mini BearHug!) to support those going through Chemotherapy (see below), enquired as to whether we had a ready-made gift box to send to a loved-one experiencing Radiotherapy. Our Social Hug Assistant, Charlotte, was more than happy to help, explaining that although we did not have a ready-made BearHug/ Cub Hug for Radiotherapy treatment, that customers could select and build their own personalised box with the recipients needs/likes in mind. 

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Review on The Invisible Hypothyroidism

The wonderful Rachel of The Invisible Hypothyroidism has recently written a piece about BearHugs for her site.

If you are looking for friendly, down-to-earth, commentary and information on thyroid conditions, The Invisible Hypothyroidism is the place to go.” – The National Academy of Hypothyroidism

Rachel says that “BearHugs are a company I’ve been aware of for a few years now. I discovered this personalised gift box company when searching for something to send to a friend in need of a pick me up.”

Rachel had some really lovely words to say about her experiences with BearHugs, both as a sender and receiver!

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Review on Page to Stage : Highlights from the Bloggers Festival 2017

Zarina of Page to Stage Reviews, a blog about books, travel, arts and culture, has written a blog post on her highlights from the 2017 Bloggers Festival - and very kindly included BearHugs in her list.

The bloggers festival was put together by Scarlett London, and Zarina wrote about a few of the favourite brands she came across on the day.

Zarina had some very kind words to say about BearHugs. After explaining that one of the best things about these kind of events is discovering brands she might otherwise have never come across and that “one of my favourite this time around was BearHugs.

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Meet Our Makers: Bread and Jam

‘Jolly nice things for jolly nice people’ is how Bread and Jam describe themselves, and we couldn’t agree more! Founded by husband and wife team Jamie and Catherine in 2012, Bread and Jam create the most beautiful range of stationery, homewares and gift items. At BearHugs we believe in always being kinder than is necessary, and we love how Bread and Jam’s wonderful array of items promotes this value too.

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Birthday Gifts to send to Children

Children’s birthdays are always joyous occasions, but sometimes, as someone a little older (if not necessarily wiser!) it can sometimes be tricky to find the perfect gift for a little one in your life.

Here at BearHugs, we stock a whole range of products that make great gifts for little ones. And our signature hug packaging means it comes in the most fun packaging possible!

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Summer Birthday Gift Ideas

We don’t know about you, but here at BearHugs we didn’t see a summer like this coming!

Here in Sheffield, home of BearHugs HQ, it’s been hotter than it’s been in years. And it’s not just one or two days, we’ve had weeks like this!

We think that sometimes it’s harder to find gifts for summer birthdays (or maybe it’s just hard to think when you’re sweating!) so we’ve compiled some of our favourite summery items to help you build the perfect summer birthday BearHug.

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Review on Peonies and Blooming Life

Mollie of Peonies and Blooming Life has very kindly featured BearHugs in her latest blog post.

We were really happy to see how much Mollie seemed to get what BearHugs is all about, saying that “the idea is that the feeling of love within a hug can be given when you can’t be there in person.”

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What is a Hug in a Box?

Here at BearHugs, we love the idea of a ‘hug in a box.

BearHugs’ Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye says: "The idea for BearHugs first came about after I received an especially thoughtful package from a friend just when I needed it most."

In other words, a hug in a box!

“When you can't leave the house very often, anything arriving through the post takes on greater significance.  That little package completely turned my day around.”

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Lovely words for when you're not sure what to say

We know finding the right words can be really tough

We are often humbled when lovely customers trust us to help them send a hug to loved ones in the toughest of circumstances.

All BearHugs gift boxes come with the option to add a personalised message but we know that sometimes finding the right words can be really hard.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a little list of really lovely quotes that some of our incredibly thoughtful customers have used in the past. Feel free to have a browse of words we love below. If you see something that could be a good fit, you can copy and paste it into your message.

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Thank You Gifts for Teachers

One of my highlights of 2018 has been getting to know Laura, our wonderful BearHugs assistant. Laura joined the BearHugs family early in 2018 and her enthusiasm and ideas have been a huge asset to everything BearHugs has done this year.

Laura has experience of working as a teacher, so when I wanted to put together a post about teacher thank you gifts, she was the first person I thought of!

Laura told me that, as a teacher, gifts are never expected, but they can make a really lovely surprise and are always incredibly appreciated. We chatted about how a small gift can be a lovely way for parents to show their appreciation, especially if a teacher has gone out of their way to help a child.

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Hug in a Mug... in a box!

As hot-drink fanatics, we’ve been using the phrase a hug in a mug as long as we can remember. Sometimes it’s the only way to describe the joy of a nice warm drink just when you need it. If you’re tired, cold, or just taking a moment to yourself, holding a nice warm cuppa is as good as it gets.

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Introducing Project Parent | 1:50 Donation Scheme

Our most recent partner for our hug donations is Project Parent and we'd love to tell you a little more about them...

Project Parent is a social enterprise which aims to bring a little cheer and treat to the parents and carers of hospitalised and chronically ill children and young people under 25.

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