Employment and Volunteering Opportunities for People Living with Chronic Illness

From the very beginning, BearHugs has always wanted to offer flexible work and volunteering opportunities to people living with chronic illness. 

For those who are severely affected by their symptoms, any form of work may be out of the question but for others with more fluctuating symptoms there is the potential for some form of rewarding employment. 

Despite this potential, there are barriers preventing people with long-term conditions finding work. To name just a few:

-Lack of roles that are flexible enough to accommodate variable health

-Lack of work experience due to long-term unemployment and / or lack of qualifications where chronic ill health has interfered with education

-Lack of opportunity to trial work after long-term unemployment

Over time, BearHugs would love to offer opportunities to help people living with chronic ill health overcome these barriers.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in hearing more about, watch this space!