Volunteering with BearHugs: Meet Charlotte

Team BearHugs: Charlotte (Extra Pair of Paws)

Team BearHugs: Charlotte (Extra Pair of Paws)

From the very beginning, BearHugs has always wanted to offer flexible work and volunteering opportunities to people living with chronic illness. 

BearHugs is over the moon to welcome the lovely Charlotte to the team as our first volunteer! 

Charlotte, a Speech and Language Therapy student, is keen to make a positive difference in people's lives and will be putting together special packages for seriously ill children as part of BearHugs' commitment to the charity Post Pals. She's also going to be helping out with the day-to-day running of BearHugs. Luckily for us, Charlotte is a fab photographer so you may start to notice BearHugs' pictures getting that bit prettier over the coming months!

Here's what Charlotte has to say about why she wanted to become a BearHugs volunteer

"I wanted to volunteer at BearHugs to spread kindness, and make a positive difference in people’s lives, particularly when packaging and sending BearHugs to seriously ill children through the charity Post Pals."

"To be part of a wonderful, local small business that has a thoughtful, kind premise and values would be an amazing feeling."

"I would really love the opportunity to work with and communicate with the general public, other companies and charities."

"It would be so great be able to volunteer in a very relaxed environment and around my varying health."


Charlotte is the loveliest addition to the BearHugs Team and we're so lucky to have her.

BearHugs will be looking to take on paid employees over the coming months so keep your eyes peeled if this might be of interest to you.