Team BearHugs : Meet Sian

Sian BearHugs Gifts

Sian joined Team BearHugs as a 'Sender of Hugs' along with Lyndsey in May. Sian brings the loveliest bubbly energy to BearHugs HQ and is an absolute pleasure to be around. She brightens the room the second she walks in.

Sian is going to be building BearHugs and taking care of customer enquiries. If you get in touch by phone or email, you may be lucky enough to get to chat with her.

Get to Know Sian

Here's what Sian has to say about working at BearHugs...

Having come across BearHugs during a talk given by founder, Faye, I realised immediately that I would love to be part of such an inspiring company that is doing so much good in so many ways, so when I noticed BearHugs was looking for staff I didn’t hesitate to apply.
I am so privileged to have a job that I love, working at BearHugs is a joy and gives me the opportunity to cheer people up on a daily basis! I feel so lucky to work for a small independent business with such strong and grounded values and which is making a big difference where it is most needed. 

Sian's favourite quote:

“There are no mistakes. Only new paths to explore” – Shantaram. 

Sian's perfect BearHug:

My perfect BearHug would contain everything I need to relax after a long week. A cuddles & clean sheets candle by The Sheffield Candle Company, a pair of fluffy socks, a bar of the beautifully scented Relaxation soap by The Printed Peanut company and last, but certainly not least, a bar of the delicious NO 2 Single Origin Chocolate by Bullion. 

Sian's Email:

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