Team BearHugs: Meet Lyndsey

Lyndsey BearHugs Gifts

Lyndsey joined BearHugs at the same as our lovely Sian. Just as with Sian, I knew almost immediately on meeting Lyndsey that I just had to have her as part of my team. Lyndsey is kind, considerate and takes real care with everything she does. 

Lyndsey is going to be building BearHugs and handling customer enquiries on Mondays, Wednesdays and the occasional Friday. If you get in touch on those days, she'll be more than happy to help however she can.


Here's what Lyndsey has to say about working at BearHugs...

After meeting Faye for the first time, it was clear within a few moments that BearHugs is a very special company. Faye's enthusiasm and energy is infectious, and she's what makes it a wonderful place to work.
I love being part of the BearHugs family and getting to work for our brilliant team. It is a privilege to put together so many special packages and help spread the love and kindness which is evident in every BearHugs order we receive.

Lyndsey's favourite quote:

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
— Teddy Roosevelt

Lyndsey's perfect BearHug:

I'm a big coffee fan, so it would have to include an Espresso Cup, complete with Forge Coffee Roster's coffee, roasted in Sheffield. A great accompaniment would have to be a box of delicious chocolate truffles by Dandelion Cocoa.
Artisan Coffee
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