Why you won't find a 'Gifts for Men' section

no gifts for men section bearhugs

From the very beginning, customer feedback has been really important to us here at BearHugs. We always try to use your comments to help make our gifts as special as they possibly can be.

Without the help of the lovely people who choose to use and support BearHugs for example, we wouldn't have our signature boxes with outstretched paws. We're forever grateful to all who took part in our 'Paws or no paws' survey.

So when a few BearHugs customers requested a 'For Him' section be added to our site, we took this on board and into consideration.

The idea of dividing products in this way is not something we at BearHugs were comfortable with, and had deliberately avoided doing previously.

As a little trial based on valued feedback however, we decided to temporarily introduce a 'For Him' section. In the process of doing this though, we found the lines around which products were 'For Him' and which weren't ended up being relatively arbitrary. It left us feeling a little uneasy.

While we appreciate customers may be used to seeing a 'For Him' section when shopping online on certain sites, it's not a categorisation we at BearHugs wish to make.

We'd rather not reinforce any expectations about which products are 'for' who, nor make any assumptions about those sending/receiving BearHugs based on gender.

If you want any tips on which BearHugs products would make up the perfect BearHug for someone specific in your life, send us an email at hello@bearhugsgifts.com and we would be more than happy to make some suggestions!