Thinking of You Gifts for a Friend

thinking of your gifts for a friend

When you're younger, your life revolves around your friends. You see them in the evening. You see them Friday night. You wake up with them Saturday morning. You plan holidays together. It’s always time to plan for someone’s birthday.

But as you grow up, things change a little. You still love your friends, but it can be harder to see them as much. People have children. People have jobs. People get married. People move away. You've got the group Whatsapp but that doesn't always quite feel like enough.

BearHugs sells a range of hug in a box gift hampers designed to send all the warmth and comfort of a hug directly to a loved one's door.

Want to have a thinking of you gift delivered straight to a long distance friend? Or send a personalised cheer up gift box to someone having a rough time? BearHugs Gifts has a wide range of hug in a box gift ideas - the perfect long distance gifts, a much more personal way to say thinking of you than a text or email.

Every BearHugs gift basket is filled with treats, hand-packed with care and reveals outstretched paws and a Consider This A BearHug message on opening. Each BearHugs hug in a box can be perfectly tailored to the preferences of your loved one and sent directly with a personalised photo notecard.

BearHugs has everything you need for the perfect thinking of you gift for a friend : a personalised hug in a box delivered straight into their arms.

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