Helping Someone Through Loss & Grief – Immediately After It Happens

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We recently received an email from the lovely Kiri to let us know that she had posted a link to our shop in an article she had written entitled 'Helping Someone Through Loss & Grief – Immediately After It Happens'.

It's an incredibly touching article where Kiri talks about her own grief and offers practical advice to people facing the daunting task of supporting someone who is going through what may be the worst time of their life.

After time has passed, I’ve learned a lot about grief. And not just about how I deal with it, but how friends and family act around someone who is grieving. I think possibly the hardest part for the people around you is right after it happens. There’s no how to help someone deal with grief guide... What do you say? How do you act around someone who is newly bereaved?
— The Content Wolf

We think it could be of huge help to people who aren't sure how to support loved ones at tragic times so just had to share it here on the BearHugs website

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