BearHugs featured in Homestyle Magazine

Christmas Shopping with a Difference

bearhugs christmas shopping with a difference ebay princes trust

HomeStyle magazine recently included BearHugs as part of their article on ‘Christmas Shopping With A Difference’.

“With our thoughts beginning to turn towards Christmas shopping, it's time to think of ways to embrace the approaching season of goodwill and buy gifts that delight their recipients, while also helping the next generation of entrepreneurs”

HomeStyle were helping to raise awareness of the recent launch of the Prince’s Trust Tomorrow Store on eBay which you can read more about here.

“(BearHugs) has won several awards, including the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award and Prince's Trust NatWest Enterprise Award. Each BearHugs box is filled with uplifting and comforting UK-made treats and reveals two outstretched paws upon opening.”

We are really grateful to HomeStyle for raising awareness of the brilliant work of the Prince’s Trust and mentioning BearHugs in particular.

You can read the full article at this link.