Introducing Bill the Bear

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Bill the Bear 

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might remember when we asked for your help designing our very own teddy bear.

Today’s the day we get to tell you our little bear, Bill, is finally here!

We loved hearing what you had to say about how he should look and based on your super helpful feedback our new little pal has...
-super soft fuzzy fur
-button eyes
-off-white paws
And of course...
-the cutest blue nose. 
He’s got the friendliest face and obviously loves a cuddle too.

Why Bill? 

We’ve decided to name our lovely new bear after our good friend Bill.

Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye, met Bill on a train in November of last year. After Bill offered Faye a biscuit, they ended up exchanging stories about their lives so far. Bill was very kind about BearHugs and what we do and Faye was incredibly inspired to learn that Bill is involved in lots of charities.

Bill is one of those people who exudes warmth when you meet them and Faye told everyone about the lovely man she had met on the train the next day.

Bill found us online and read everything there is to know about BearHugs. He got in touch with us at the office and spoke on the phone with Lyndsey. Bill and Faye have stayed in touch since and we have become good friends.

Bill has been involved in supporting businesses with their finances all his life and he has given Faye a lot of brilliant advice. What is lovely is that he truly understands BearHugs and fully supports Faye’s desire to create jobs and opportunities for those with chronic illness.

Bill has unfortunately been quite poorly lately. Despite this he never fails to ask after every member of the BearHugs (extended!) family when he calls to check in.

Bill is generous, supportive, incredibly positive and one of the kindest people we know. We are very proud to have our lovely bear share his name.

Bill is now available as part of any hug in a box and we can’t wait to see him arriving in new homes !

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