Our 2018 Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar is here!


We’re very happy to have released our shareable, printable 2018 Kindness Advent Calendar through our website and social media free for anyone to share and use this December.

The Kindness Advent Calendar features a different act of kindness for each day in the run up to Christmas, including acts like Spread the word about a small charity and Send an encouraging text or email to a friend, with each act chosen specifically to help as many people as possible spread as much kindness as possible this festive period.

BearHugs’ Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye, said "At BearHugs we firmly believe in always being kinder than necessary. We had so much fun seeing everyone post their Acts of Kindness last December and we can't wait to see it again this year."

BearHugs have also put together a pack of Primary School resources to complement the Kindness Advent Calendar. The lovely multimedia pack, developed by BearHugs team member Laura, a former primary school teacher herself, is designed to show children how they can be kind to themselves and others.

Laura said, “The resources aim to enrich children’s development in the areas of moral, social and emotional well-being. Put simply, our ‘Kindness Enrichment Resources’ help children to learn how to treat other people how they would like to be treated and, during the festive period, to Remember to be Kind in December.”

For those who wish to pick up a physical copy of the calendar, there are already a number of Kindness Advent Calendar pickup points around the UK, and BearHugs is asking for any other interested parties who wish to share the calendar within their community to register to be a pickup point for their local area

BearHugs’ 2018 Kindness Advent Calendar and all related information can be found on the BearHugs website here.