Long Distance Christmas Gifts To Send In The Post

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We’ve already told you all about how our Ready To Go BearHugs can make the perfect long distance Christmas gifts. We’ve also told you all about the special festive items we’ve got in stock especially for your special Christmas gift box.

But what about if you want to put together something a little different for your Christmas gift box to send in the post?

Today we’re going to highlight some of our favourite items that you can put in any Build Your Own BearHug to really help make the perfect, unique, thoughtful Christmas gift box.

Henderson's Relish Travel Size
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Wave Co Coffee cups are a high quality and eco-friendly alternative to the disposable coffee cup used by most cafes and coffee chains. Each one comes with an anti-splash lid and a handy non-slip sleeve in a colour of your choice!

Delicious dairy-free chocolate, handmade for BearHugs by the lovely Jordan of LeitchyCreates. Available in a range of delicious flavours including Peanut Butter Praline, Amaretto Peach and Candied Almond, and Gingerbread Praline.

A Sheffield staple! Henry Henderson blended the first batch of his famous Relish in 1885. 130 years later, much has changed, but Hendersons has not: Hendersons are still a family business, still blending in Sheffield to Henry’s original recipe — a secret known only to three living persons. Available here in this adorable travel-sized bottle.

We’ve got a range of traditional and retro sweets - nothings beats a jar of delicious hard boiled or chewy sweets that take you back to your childhood. We’ve got everything from Strawberry Bon Bons to Lemon Sherberts!

Sheffield Skincare Company's 100% natural bath salts are perfect for a bit of R&R. Take a table spoon or two and pour into a warm bath under running water for a relaxing soak.

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