BearHugs in Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

not dressed as lamb alternative christmas gift guide.jpg

The wonderful Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb has included BearHugs gift boxes in her alternative Christmas guide.

Catherine chose to highlight some of her favourite indie sellers amidst all the Black Friday madness, and very kindly chose to include BearHugs in her post.

Catherine talked a little about her experience receiving a BearHug, and enjoying it so much she went on to send BearHugs herself!

“I was sent one of these earlier this year when I had my operation (thank you Vicki!), and I loved it so much I actually then bought one for my parents to say thank you for looking after me while I recuperated (Keith couldn’t get time off work). The presentation is beautiful – I highly recommend this as a gift for parents, grandparents, neighbours – or the person that has everything.”

We are really grateful to Catherine for including BearHugs in her Christmas gift guide. You can read the full post here.