BearHugs in Able Magazine

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Able Magazine, a UK-based Disability Lifestyle magazine, has written about BearHugs in their recent article ‘ Fighting Back Against The Disability Employment Gap’.

The article focuses on the 17 social entrepreneurs from around the UK who have won funding as part of a new programme which aims to close the disability employment gap through the creation of new jobs and skills development opportunities for disabled people.

Able Magazine highlight some important figures including that “disabled people are twice as likely to be unemployed...and while Government figures have shown falling unemployment rates in recent years, the disability employment gap - the difference in the rate of employment of disabled and non-disabled people - has stayed at around 30 per cent for the last ten years.”

The article also focuses on a Scope report that “found that a rise of five per cent in the disability employment rate would lead to an increase in GDP of £23 billion by 2030.”

You can read more about the programme, BearHugs, and the other social entrepreneurs on the Able Magazine site at this link.