BearHugs Gift Boxes in Christmas Gift Guide

Image credit: Seeing ME in reality

Image credit: Seeing ME in reality

Seeing Me In Reality recently posted their 2018 Christmas Gift Guide and very kindly included BearHugs gift boxes as one of their top Christmas gift tips.

BearHugs gift boxes appeared alongside other unique and thoughtful suggestions for presents for people living with a chronic illness.

“I have sent a couple of these recently and I love, love, love them. The premise is a care package that feels like a hug in the post.”

We absolutely love hearing from customers who enjoyed their BearHugs experience enough to then recommend BearHugs to others in their lives.

“The interactions with the team I had were lovely and it genuinely made a difference to the people I sent them to. I highly recommend them. They do ship internationally which is a bonus too! You can choose from ready-made boxes or create your own for the individual. I sent one ready-made and one custom and they just worked out beautifully.”

You can read the full Seeing Me In Reality Christmas Gift Guide here.