Cub Hug Secret Santa Presents for Under £10

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Secret Sant Gifts Under £10

Finding the perfect Secret Santa present for under ten pounds can be tricky. You want it to be thoughtful, unique, and most of all, within budget!

Here at BearHugs, our Cub Hugs make the perfect Secret Santa gift for under ten pounds:

Double Chocolate CubHug
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Cosy Christmas Mug (and tea)

Our adorably festive Have Yourself A Cosy Little Christmas Mug complete with your choice of Teapigs tea to get them start on a cosy cuppa this Christmas.

Double Chocolate Cub Hug

Perfect for any chocolate lover! This chocolatey Cub Hug comes with an adorable milk chocolate blue-nosed teddy bear, as well as a delicious hot chocolate stirrer by Dandelion Cocoa.

Hello, Lovely Cub Hug

This lovely Cub Hug contains a beautiful birch wooden coaster engraved with the words Hello, Lovely by Jayne Tapp designs. Also comes with your choice of Teapigs tea!

Tea and Cake CubHug
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Hot Chocolate CubHug
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Tea and Cake Cub Hug

Handmade and scrumptious, luxuriously rich, moist fruit cake, packed with fruits and nuts and infused with unusual liqueurs. Rounded off with an Everyday Brew Teapigs mini pack

Hot Chocolate Cub Hug

If you’ve got a budget of five pounds, look no further! This adorable mini Cub Hug comes with a delicious hot chocolate stirrer made by Dandelion Cocoa. Just stir into a cup of hot milk for a luxurious, decadent hug in a mug!