Meet Our Makers: Sheffield Candle Company

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Founded in 2015 by James McKennan, The Sheffield Candle Company is based just a few miles from BearHugs HQ (also known as the BearHub!) and is another of our wonderful, local suppliers. James was inspired to create the Sheffield Candle Company after awakening from a nap to a perfectly cosy, comfy living room, lit up by tea lights all around. Wanting to create something that would evoke such lovely feelings for others too, James got to work and the Sheffield Candle Company was born. Producing a range of hand-poured candles, room sprays and wax bars, they use natural soy wax, which is not only more environmentally friendly than paraffin wax candles, but gives a longer burning time too!

We asked James what he loves most about owning and running the Sheffield Candle Company, and this is what he said:

"The Sheffield Candle Company is an absolute pleasure to be part of. We have a passion for creating products which people enjoy and working with the BearHugs team, we are helping to spread joy a little further to those who really need it."  
Cuddles and Clean Sheets Candle
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Here at BearHugs we’re very pleased to stock The Sheffield Candle Company’s ‘Cuddles and Clean Sheets’ glass tumbler candle. Perfect for a snuggly night in drinking warm cups of hot chocolate and relaxing by the fire, this candle features in our Pamper BearHug, or can be added to a build your own BearHug so you can choose the perfect combination of treats!