BearHugs 1:50 Donation Scheme

one box donated for every fifty bearhugs sold 1:50 donation scheme sheffield social enterprise

At BearHugs we are committed to spreading as much love as possible. 

For every 50 hugs we sell, we send one to someone who could do with a bit of extra love through our charity partnerships.

Georgina, our lovely Hug Donation Assistant, liaises with our charity partners and designs perfectly personalised hug in a box gift packages for our nominated recipients.


Our charity partners

Post Pals

post pals BearHugs donation scheme

Through Post Pals, we donate hug gift boxes to seriously ill children and their siblings.

Post Pals is a small charity run solely by volunteers who are dedicated to making seriously ill children and their siblings smile.

It was set up in 2002 by teenagers who were all ill themselves. Vikki George had the idea after finding that receiving cards in the post was the only thing that made her smile when bedbound and isolated due to very severe ME. Even today, Post Pals is still run from beds and hospital beds.

The concept is simple… Post Pals feature children on their website with a forwarding address, their interests and stories, and invite members of the public from around the world to log on and send cheerful post.


Our Next Charity Partners