Thank You Gifts for Grandparents

thoughtful thank you gift for grandparents from grandchildren
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Is there anyone more loving than a grandparent?

They’re always happy to see you. They never forget your birthday. And even when they’re going through a hard time, they’re more concerned with how you are doing.

We know a lot of people think it’s important that the grandparents aren’t always the ones doing the giving, and that they should receive a thank you gift from grandchildren too! But a lot of people don’t get to see their grandparents anywhere near as often as they’d like, and it’s not always easy to find the perfect thank you gifts to send to grandparents.

Using our Build Your Own BearHug, you can put together the perfect gift for a grandparent, showing them just how grateful you are to have someone so lovely in your life!

If you'd like to start building a BearHug, just click the 'Add to my BearHug' button below each item. When we receive your order, we will pack all of the items you have selected in one of our signature 'hug boxes' with lots of love and care.

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Does your grandparent like a slice of cake with their cup of tea? We’d recommend the delicious Shortbread Biscuits by Island Bakery and Everyday Brew Tea Mini Pack by Teapigs.

Card game fan? Why not add a set of vintage playing cards?

And of course, our Raspberry and Rose Jam by Pip and Peel always goes down a treat too!

Whether it’s chocolates, teas, or something a little more luxurious, we’ve got a whole host of other wonderful treats to help you make your BearHug as lovely as possible.

For an extra personal touch, why not add a photo to your gift?

If you’ve been stuck searching for a grandparent gift, BearHugs would love to help you put together the perfect BearHugs box as a thank you gift to send to your grandparents!