Personalised, Unique Gifts For New Mums

new mum and newborn baby unique personalised gift to send

Finding personalised gifts for new Mums can be tricky. Here at BearHugs we love helping people give the perfect personalised gift for a new Mum - a unique hug in a box.

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We’ve got a range of Ready-To-Go New Baby BearHugs designed specifically for new parents.

Whether it’s our adorable Baby Bear Cub Hug or our full-sized New Parent and Cub BearHug - complete with knitted Baby Bearcub Hat - our New Mum BearHugs make the perfect gift for a new parent.

When a new Mum welcomes a newborn baby into the world, it can be sometimes be a little overwhelming. In addition to the new little one to take care of, new Mums can be inundated with family and friends and wellwishers.

If the new Mum in your life isn’t ready for visitors or lives far away, your BearHugs box can be shipped directly to their door. We even ship internationally!

If you want an even more personalised gift for new mums, why not Build Your Own BearHug?

Whether you want to treat your new Mum to a pamper, relaxation, tasty snacks or all of the above, BearHugs has a whole range of lovely treats to help create the perfect BearHug to show just how much you care during this exciting, exhausting and enchanting time.

Build a Personalised Care Package for a New Mum

If you'd like to build a personalised 'hug in a box' gift for a new mum, simply browse the range of treats we have available. When you come across something perfect for the lovely mum in your life, click on it and 'add it to your BearHug'. When your gift is complete and you have checked out, we will hand pack the lovely items you have selected in one of our signature 'hug' boxes and send it on its way for you with lots of love and care.

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You could even pop a few treats in for a new dad too!

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