5 Things You Can Do For A Friend Struggling With Their Mental Health

Photo credit:  Adventures in Adulting

Jo of Adventures in Adulting has very kindly included BearHugs in her lovely post ‘5 Things You Can Do For A Friend Struggling With Their Mental Health’.

Amongst her other tips, including ‘Talk About Other Things’ and ‘Don’t Try To Fix It’, Jo mentions ‘Send Surprise Post’.

Jo says:

Some people might worry that material things are a bit trivial in the face of deep pain, but honestly I disagree. We’re not talking about saving the world here; we’re talking about small stuff that makes each day that bit brighter, and a card or present coming through the door can do just that. There’s something about the process of choosing a card, writing a thoughtful message and going to post it that feels so much more personal than a text. A few kind words can go a long way, and I think particularly if you’re far away, can be a really nice way of sending a virtual hug!

Jo has totally captured the core belief behind BearHugs, so we were particularly happy to see her additional note:

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to send or find it tricky to get to the Post Office, there’s a really good Prince’s Trust company who specialise in this, called Bear Hugs Gifts. They are all about helping you find that special something to brighten someone’s day, with gift boxes for all budgets. A pal and I ordered one for our friend who was going through a hard time and she loved it.

Most importantly, Jo also signposts to the following mental health organisations:

We are really grateful to Jo for the BearHugs mention and especially for highlighting such an important issue.

You can read Jo’s full post here.