10 Reasons a BearHug makes the perfect alternative to flowers

10 reasons a bearhugs is an alternative gift to flowers bearhugs gifts

1. A more personal gift

We have an ever-growing range of Ready To Go BearHugs sure to suit every situation and personality. However, we also know that nobody knows your loved ones like you, and that’s why we let you Build Your Own BearHug, carefully selecting the exact items you know will make the recipient feel as loved as possible.

2. A more thoughtful, unique gift

In difficult times, lots of people can be looking for the right thinking of you gift. A BearHug is a thoughtful, unique alternative to flowers which will let your recipient know just how much you’ve been thinking of them.

bearhug alternative gift to flowers thinking of you gift idea

3. A longer-lasting gift

Flowers look lovely, but they don’t last forever. BearHugs has a whole host of items that will stay with your recipient long after they receive their BearHugs box*, such as this charming Hello, Lovely coaster, these cosy Red Marl Knitted Socks or this delightful Smile Mint Keyring.

BearHugs now also has a wonderful range of books to add to your BearHugs, including classics like Alice in Wonderland and Jodi Ann Bickley’s brilliant One Million Lovely Letters. We’re firm believers that a great book can stay with you for a lifetime!

Not only that, but our lovely, durable boxes can be kept and re-used for housing all sorts of things, serving as a constant reminder of the lovely gift you had delivered.

*Of course, this doesn’t apply to some of our tastier treats, which we know often get gobbled up right away! Which reminds us...

4. You can’t eat flowers

Well, at least we certainly wouldn’t recommend it! However, we would definitely recommend eating these delicious Luxury Chocolate Truffles by Dandelion Cocoa or any of our delicious chocolates, biscuits and other treats.

5. Include a photo along with your personal message

BearHugs boxes can be delivered not just with a personal message of your choice, but also with any photo you wish added to the notecard in your BearHugs box.

personalised gift to send flowers alternative

6. An engaging, mindful gift

Whether it’s a Calligraphy Beginners Kit, a Mindfulness Colouring Book or the Penguin Book of Puzzles, BearHugs has a whole host of items to engage, entertain or relax your loved one.

7. Brighten yourself, not just the room

Flowers can make a room feel nicer, but is that enough to feel nicer in yourself?

BearHugs favourites such as Softly Softly Calming Facial Cleanser, Natural Body Butter and Petitgrain and Bergaamot Dead Sea Bath Salts will help your recipient feel soothed, calmed and uplifed in their own body.

8. Perfect for littles ones too

BearHugs has lots and lots of items that are perfect to cheer up a little one. Whether it’s Painting Your Own Teddy Money Box with this Pastel Ready-Mixed Paint Kit, this adorable Fairy Door, these cool Dinosaur temporary tattoos, the super fun Animal Friends Memory Game, this sweet set of Bear Bubbles, or even our adorable Cuddly Companion Teddy Bear, we’re certain that BearHugs has the perfect combination of treats and goodies to make a little one’s day.

9. The surprise factor

BearHugs boxes are delivered direct to your loved one’s door. Only upon opening the box will your recipient see, not just a whole host of lovely goodies, but also our trademark arms-outstretched hug packaging.

bearhugs alternative thoughtful gift to flowers

10. Our adorable, compact Cub Hugs

Not everyone has room in their house for bouquets of flowers and boxes of presents. That’s why BearHugs offers a convenient range of adorable Cub Hugs, complete with BearHugs’ trademark arms-outstretched hug packaging, just on a smaller, cuter scale!

Whether it’s thinking of you, congratulations, or any other reason you can think of, a bouquet of flowers can always be a lovely thing, but why not go one step further and send someone a BearHugs hug in a box as an alternative to flowers today?