Image credit:  SarahNickNicks

Image credit: SarahNickNicks

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Anyone who’s expecting a little one will fall in love with SarahNickNicks delightful Baby Bear Cub hat. Knitted from Merino wool exclusively for BearHugs, this adorable little hat will keep your little one cosy and cute! Suitable for 0-3 months, it makes the perfect gift for a baby shower or to keep your own newborn warm and snuggly.

Sarah has been knitting from a young age, having been taught the skill by her Nan. Sarah used to knit scarves and hats for her dolls as a child, and progressed onto making jumpers, blankets and cushion covers as she got older and her skills developed. Sarah describes herself as a hyperactive person and finds knitting an ideal pastime to keep her hands busy. Sarah says:

I love knitting these hats for Bearhugs because I know that they will be given in kindness as a gift; they will put a smile on the face of new parents and keep tiny babies heads’ warm.

We feel really lucky that Sarah knits these lovely hats just for us. It’s just a shame they don’t come in adult sizes, too….!

You can find SarahNickNicks’ fabulous baby bear cub hats in our New Parent & Cub BearHug, or you can create your own BearHug of beautiful baby goodies with our Build Your Own BearHug option.

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