Dear 34 Souls I Follow Online by Peta

BearHugs feature on pe-ta gifts to cheer someone up

Peta at has included BearHugs as part of her wonderful blog post, Dear 34 Souls I Follow Online.

Peta described the post as:

a letter of complete and utter gratitude. I’m writing this letter to thank you for the comfort, joy, happiness, reassurance, inspiration and figuritive kick up the arse you give me on a regular basis. We don’t often share our appreciation for those we follow on the internet.

Peta mentioned BearHugs alongside a bunch of BearHugs’ faves including Emma Gannon, Giovanna Fletcher, Jess Lively and Emily Coxhead.

Thank you for creating a place where, no matter how far away someone is from their friends and family, they can still send a great big bear hug. Faye your kindness and abundance of love absolutely pours through the screen with Bear Hugs. It is such a fantastic concept and you deserve so much success. Thank you for enabling me to be there for my friends when they needed a little pick me up.

I am super touched by this and it really means a lot to me! Especially to be alongside so many other women I admire on the list.

Thanks to Peta for the incredibly thoughtful post and to everyone else on the list for the brilliant work they do.

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