40 Reasons To Send a Hug

reasons to send a hug in a box gift to a friend or loved one

Why send a hug? Well, at this point, we don’t think you need us to tell you why hugs are so great. In fact, we think the more excuses to send a hug, the better.

So, here’s a list of just some of the reasons BearHugs customers have used BearHugs to send a hug to someone in their life:

  1. Thinking of you

  2. Miss you

  3. Birthday gift

  4. Congratulations

  5. Reminding someone that you love them

  6. Get well soon

  7. Good luck

  8. To say sorry

  9. With sympathy

  10. Exam stress

  11. End of year celebrations

  12. New house

  13. New job

  14. Someone has announced their pregnancy

  15. Welcoming a baby to the world

  16. You’ve not spoken to someone in a while

  17. You know someone is having a stressful week

  18. You want to surprise someone

  19. An anniversary

  20. Letting long distance friends/partners know you want to hug them

  21. Saying thank you to a teacher

  22. Saying thank you to a nurse/doctor

  23. Leaving gift for a colleague

  24. Valentine’s Day

  25. Mother’s Day

  26. Father’s Day

  27. Easter

  28. Christmas

  29. A proposal

  30. Saying thank you to bridesmaids

  31. Saying thank you to staff

  32. Graduation

  33. Good luck with a job interview

  34. Retirement gift

  35. Graduation

  36. A new pet

  37. Keeping a little one entertained

  38. To thank an online friend for being there

  39. Going away gift

  40. And our favourite….Just because!

There’s a million and one reasons to send a hug. Whatever your reason, let BearHugs help you send the perfect hug to show someone in your life just how much they mean to you.