Review on Peonies and Blooming Life

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Mollie of Peonies and Blooming Life has very kindly featured BearHugs in her latest blog post.

The post focuses on ‘Subscription Boxes You Won’t Want To Cancel’, and Mollie included BearHugs gift boxes alongside some of her favourite subscription boxes, very kindly saying:

“Although I’m breaking the rules a bit here, as BearHugs isn’t a subscription box service, the company had to be included. With such an inspiring idea behind the company, you should order your next gift from BearHugs.”

We were really happy to see how much Mollie seemed to get what BearHugs is all about, saying that

the idea is that the feeling of love within a hug can be given when you can’t be there in person.

That’s exactly it!

Mollie had some really lovely things to say about what it’s like to receive a BearHugs box:

When you’re feeling down, to know that a loved one is there in spirit with a lovely little pampering gift, is a real pick-me-up. The company work with local and independent brands as well as the Prince’s Trust. You can open a box to find a little personalised surprise too.

We were particularly grateful that Mollie drew special attention to The Sophia Box in her post, which is incredibly special to all of us here at BearHugs.

So our heartiest thanks to Mollie for including BearHugs in her blog!

You can read the full post here and check out Mollie’s other posts here at Peonies And Blooming Life.