Meet Our Makers: Bread and Jam

Image credit:  Bread and Jam

Image credit: Bread and Jam

‘Jolly nice things for jolly nice people’ is how Bread and Jam describe themselves, and we couldn’t agree more! Founded by husband and wife team Jamie and Catherine in 2012, Bread and Jam create the most beautiful range of stationery, homewares and gift items. At BearHugs we believe in always being kinder than is necessary, and we love how Bread and Jam’s wonderful array of items promotes this value too.

Jamie and Catherine work hard to create designs that reflect themselves and the sentiments and fun they want to put out in the world. If they weren’t running Bread and Jam, Catherine says their dream would be to travel the world in a camper, starting with the coastline of the UK.

We would love to take our time, slowing the pace of life right down, and enjoying the simpler things in life. We’ve been lucky enough to see some truly wonderful places together with our girls, but there are so many more places we would love to explore.

 We love the positivity that comes from Jamie and Catherine, and it’s very clearly reflected in their lovely products.

Have a peek at our Build Your Own BearHug page to see for yourself all the fabulous items on offer from Bread and Jam - from their Little Box of Romantic Gestures to their Little Jar of Wishing Stars and Random Notes of Appreciation, there’s a Bread and Jam gift that’ll make the perfect, uplifting treat to pop into a BearHug for someone special to you.

Random Notes of Appreciation
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A Little Jar of Wishing Stars
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Wedding and Honeymoon Notebooks
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