Thank You Gifts For Secondary School Teachers

thank you gift for secondary school teacher

There are a thousand reasons you might want to give a thank you teacher gift...maybe they helped you prepare for exams, maybe they helped you get through a particularly tough year, maybe they just put up with you for another year!

As the school year draws to a close, the question is, what do you give as a thank you gift for a teacher?

Well, let’s start with the ready-to-go BearHugs that are the perfect way to say thank you to a teacher.

Sweet Treats BearHug
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This Sweet Treats BearHug, complete with delicious chocolate treats, Caramel and Sea Salt Popcorn and your choice of Melting Pot Fudge, could be the perfect mix to show your teacher just how grateful you are.

Or if you believe, when it comes to sweet treats, nothing beats chocolate, why not go all-chocolate treats with the delicious Chocolate Trio Cub Hug?

Double Chocolate Cub Hug
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How do you thank someone who has helped you through such a stressful time? Return the favour with this Be Kind To Yourself Cub Hug, and let your teacher know you want them to take time for themself too!

Does your teacher rely on a cuppa to get them through the day? Why not treat them to the Hug In A Mug, Tea and Biscuits BearHug? Complete with BearHug in a Mug ceramic mug, your choice of teas and accompanying biscuit flavours, this BearHug is the perfect way to say thanks to a teacher who likes nothing more than a cup of tea at the end (or start!) of the day.

Tea, Mug and Biscuits BearHug
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Perhaps you want an even more personalised thank you teacher gift? Why not Build Your Own BearHug?

For your teacher, we’d recommend this Penguin Book of Puzzles, containing hundreds of puzzles to keep your teacher occupied.

Penguin Book of Puzzles
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And if your teacher is a real book fan, why not include a classic they’re bound to love, like this beautiful V & A edition of Wind in the Willows? Or this spectacular 150 year anniversary Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

Tea Mini Pack
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Island Bakery Biscuits
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Luxury Chocolate Bar (variety of flavours available)
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Whether you’re saying thanks yourself, or on behalf of a grateful group, don’t forget to include your personalised note card, and a photo to go alongside it, to let your teacher know just how grateful you are to have had them teach you this year!