Supporting Chronically Ill Friends - BearHugs Featured on The Mighty

supporting chronically ill friends bearhugs

Kelly Williams has recently written a post, 12 Ways You Can Support Your Chronically Ill Friend, for The Mighty, and has kindly included BearHugs gift boxes in her list.

Kelly’s piece begins:

Facing chronic illness is a battle that lasts far longer than the common cold of flu. Chronically ill people have had to turn their whole life around as their worlds have changed – especially for those that face invisible illness. It’s hard for others to fully understand the extent of everything involved. Here are some ways you can best enter into the life of the chronically ill person you love, and do your best to support them.
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Kelly offers her 12 top ways to support someone in your life living with chronic illness, including ‘Do Your Research’ and ‘Step Into Our World - Since We Can’t Step Out’. Her final tip is simply ‘Gifts Mean The World’, and it’s here where Kelly talks about BearHugs.  We recommend you check out the Kelly’s complete list here.

Anyone who knows the story behind BearHugs will understand how close to the heart of BearHugs supporting those living with chronic illness is, and that’s why we were so happy that Kelly chose to include us in her piece.

If you’re looking for a BearHug to support someone with chronic illness, we think our Extra Special BearHug is the perfect place to start. Not only does it include a wonderful combination of comforting and uplifting treats, all profits from the box go to helping Sophia, the inspiration for BearHugs, receive the treatment she needs in her battle with Lyme Disease.