Silver Linings

bearhugs silver linings post.jpg

A couple of weeks ago my lovely BearHugs-mobile ‘Little Blue’ was stolen after our house was burgled. While it was very annoying and has created a lot of admin, noone was hurt, I have insurance and in a few months time probably won’t think about it at all. 

What it has brought to light though is some seriously incredible loveliness that I definitely won’t forget. If you need a little reminder that people are inherently good, here’s a little list of kindnesses I’ve felt beyond lucky for in the last few weeks...

-The friends who came to our house within minutes of us calling to check we were ok, to feed us McDonalds and taxi us about while we sorted out logistics
-The colleague and friend who got up at the crack of dawn to give us spare office keys and Lindt chocolate balls
-The neighbour who offered her car because she knew she wouldn’t be using it that day
-The police officer who text a kind personal message after taking our statements
-The stranger who found Jared’s discarded wallet and went to the effort of tracking down our email addresses to return it. This was especially amazing as it contained the engagement ring receipt we’d need to collect it after resizing...
-The friends who hugged us and sent lovely messages checking we were ok
-The family members who bought us a take away after we had to cancel all our debit cards
-The family members who offered to lend us their cars
-The locksmith who was extra helpful and made it easy to sort out our home and office locks
-The claim handler at the insurance company who asked if we were ok before anything else
-The forensics police officer who was warm and friendly when we were wobbly
-The friends who offered to drive us to work
And of course...
-The lovely Sheffield people (a lot of whom I’d never met before) who shared my post of Instagram about keeping an eye out for my car

If you are one of those people, thank you thank you thank you. You’re the best 💙