Audio Accessibility on the BearHugs Blog

We know that reading big blocks of text isn’t for everyone so to improve our accessibility and also just to make life easier for people prefer audio, we are going to be making recordings of our blog posts. All blog post audio recordings will now be available via a Soundcloud link at the top of each post. If you click the play button the recording will automatically begin to play.

Post written and read by Laura, Hug Outreach Assistant

Post written and read by Laura, Hug Outreach Assistant

Here at BearHugs accessibility for our employees is not an ‘added bonus’, it is simply a given. This isn’t just physical accessibility that may be needed in the workplace that people could automatically think of, such as ramps or handles, it covers so many other areas of support, for instance, all of our lovely employees work part-time, with half working from home flexibly. Faye (our fabulous Chief Sender of Hugs) goes above and beyond in ensuring any measures that can be taken to support our access to working most efficiently will be taken, whilst considering other factors such as our time, health and well-being. A small example of this that has made a huge difference to our Hug Outreach Assistant (Laura), is the ability to watch or listen to the remainder of our video team meetings, that she would have otherwise missed due to needing to rest after 30 minutes of participating. Faye has the most superb balance between being professional, yet friendly, so that our team members can feel comfortable in being open about ways they can access work, and feel like the most valued team members.

So, it got us thinking… as accessibility is such a huge part of our ethos, it is so important to us that you, as our lovely customers, can access our website as comfortably and easily as possible. This will begin with the option to listen to our blog posts through an audio version, prompted by Laura’s personal preference of listening to blog posts she enjoys and podcasts rather than long pieces of text (which due to her chronic illness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can make this trickier to take in). We have heard from others with, for example, visual impairments or dyslexia who use technologies such as text to speech options, but we wanted to go one step further in bringing you our voices rather than your computers! We hope this adds a personal touch to our blogs and helps you in any way you need.

We would love to hear from you with any other accessibility ideas that we can support you with, please pop us an email at or give us a call on 0114 312 2265 :) Thank you!