Blind CVs and BearHugs Vacancies

Blind CVS bearhugs recruitment accessible employment.png

As some of you may be aware, tomorrow is the closing day for applications for the position of Sender of Hugs here at BearHugs.

We’ve been really overwhelmed with the volume and quality of applications so far and can’t wait to begin the next step of the process.

If you follow BearHugs, you’ll also know how important it is to us to be able to offer accessible working opportunities. For us, this also means trying to the best of our abilities to remove any potential unconscious bias in our hiring process.

As a result, we will be looking at all the applications we have received for this post ‘blind’ - that is, without the names, gender and age attached.
This recent article in The Daily Telegraph gives a little bit of information on why we have made this decision and the hopefully positive impacts this has upon making the entire process as fair as possible for everyone.