Father's Day Gift Guide : Ten Father's Day Gift Ideas and Father's Day Gift Boxes

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We know how difficult Father’s Day gifts can be. We know how many Dad’s out there, when asked what they would like as a Father’s Day gift, reply with a shrug, or an unhelpful “I don’t mind.”

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our top ten recommended Father’s Day gifts to help you put together the perfect Father’s Day gift box.


1) Artisan Coffee

Smooth artisan coffee from Sheffield-based Forge Coffee Roasters. Available for espresso or cafetiere. We stock both Light/Medium Roast and Medium/Dark Roast to help you get the perfect coffee for the coffee-loving Dad.

2) Boost Your Brain Cards

Perfect for the Dad looking to prove how smart he is, or to just keep the mind active and agile. This pack of cards contains 100 tricky tasks, including word puzzles and problem-solving, designed to boost brain power.

3) Old-fashioned Sweetie Jars

Take your Dad back to his childhood! Choose from our range of traditional sweet shop favourites - all delivered in a vintage-style plastic jar.

Artisan Coffee
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Bamboo Socks (UK Size 7-11)
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Sweetie Jar
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4) Henderson’s Relish Travel Size

A must for Yorkshire Dads! Henry Henderson blended the first batch of his famous Relish in 1885. 130 years later much has changed but Hendersons has not: Hendersons are still a family business, still blending in Sheffield to Henry’s original recipe — a secret known only to three living persons. The Relish has a legion of famous fans, who spread the word all over the world. Splash a little Hendo’s from this unique travel size bottle on almost any dish for a fuller, richer flavour.

5) Trivia Cards

Does your Dad think he knows it all? Put his knowledge to the test with these high quality boxes of trivia cards. Whether your Dad think he’s an expert in Sports, Travel or Movies, we’ve got a set perfect to find out just how much he really knows!

6) Brass Glass Photo Frame

A lovely way to add a personal touch this Father’s Day. This charming 8x8cm brass glass photo frame is the perfect way to preserve a precious shared memory in.

Henderson's Relish Travel Size
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Trivia Cards
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Fula Flavour Hot Sauce
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7) Penguin Book of Puzzles

Is your Dad the crossword king? Does he fancy himself a puzzle expert? This jam-packed Penguin Book of Puzzles contained hundreds of puzzles sure to test your Dad and keep him occupied for hours. A huge range of puzzling material, all designed to confuse, challenge and hopefully delight your Dad this Father’s Day.

8) Luxury Chocolate Bar by Dandelion Cocoa

Because your Dad deserves the tastiest chocolate! Beautiful chocolate bars handmade in Sheffield by talented chocolatier and friend of BearHugs, Dandelion Cocoa. Available in a range of flavours, from Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate and Honeycomb to Blonde Caramel to Peanut Butter to Hazelnut Praline.

9) Tasty Treats BearHug

Want a ready-made Father’s Day gift box full of tasty treats for your Dad this Father’s Day? We recommend the Tasty Treats BearHug. Full of a range of delicious snacks including: Joe and Seph’s Caramel and Sea Salt Popcorn, Melting Pot Fudge (available in a range of flavours), Infusion Fruit Cake by Tipple Tails (available in a range of flavours), Smoked Almonds by I Love Snacks and your choice of Island Bakery biscuits to round it all off!

10) BearHug in a Mug BearHug

A real BearHugs customer favourite - whatever the season. This hug in a box contains everything your tea-loving Dad will need to settle down for a quiet cup of tea this Father’s Day, including the delicious Island Bakery biscuits to go alongside.

Penguin Book of Puzzles
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Luxury Chocolate Bar (variety of flavours available)
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'A BearHug in a Mug' Mug (with Paw Print)
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Tasty Treats BearHug
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Whether you want one of our specially curated gift boxes this Father’s Day, or want to put together your own special Father’s Day gift box, we’ve got a whole range of Father’s Day gifts we’re sure will let your Dad know just how important he is to you this Father’s Day.