12 Months of Hug Donations with Project Parent

Post written by Hug Donation Assistant, Georgina

Post written by Hug Donation Assistant, Georgina

A year ago, we welcomed Project Parent - a social enterprise supporting parents and carers of children and young people with chronic illnesses and disabilities -  to the BearHugs family as a new charity partner in our 1:50 Hug Donation scheme. In our 12 month partnership with Project Parent, we received nominations from so many kind people who wanted to send a little BearHugs treat to a wonderful carer.

project parent bearhugs partnership hug donation scheme.png

Reading each and every nomination was an absolute joy, and it was truly my pleasure to choose gifts for the nominees that I thought they would love. Some of the goodies sent included

54 chocolate bars, lollies, cake slices, sweet treats and snacks

30 mini tea packs

24 pampering facial products

As well as scented candles, ‘BearHug in a Mug’ and ‘A Little Brew to Get You Through’ mugs, books, encouraging pens and keyrings to name just a few.

I and the whole of Team BearHugs have loved working with Project Parent this past year, and expanding our donation scheme to be able to send Hug-in-a-Box gifts to such wonderful people. It’s all thanks to our lovely customers that we’re able to provide these donations, so thank you to every one of you who has purchased a BearHug or helped to spread the word about BearHugs, our donation scheme and our charity partners.


Hug Donation Assistant