Flex for All Campaign

flex for all flexappeal campaign.png

We are 100% behind the Flex For All Campaign here at BearHugs.

BearHugs began so that Chief Sender of Hugs Faye was able to work as and when she was able around her health. Now, our entire team works part-time and flexibly. It just makes sense and if anything, improves our productivity and ability to work well together.

While it was disability that inspired our mission to create accessible, remote employment opportunities, there are a million reasons why flexible working is good for everyone. We wholeheartedly support @mother_pukka @fawcettsociety @pregnant_then_screwed and The Fatherhood Institute campaign’s to change the law so that employers must publish flexible working options in job adverts, or justify why the job can’t be done flexibly – and so that if you took the job you would have the right to work flexibly, as advertised, from Day 1. 

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