Team BearHugs Get Together 2019

Post written by Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye

Post written by Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye

Last month something very exciting happened! You may know if you’ve been following BearHugs for a while that our team is spread far and wide across the country with some of our lovely bears working remotely from home. On 7th August, we got to meet for some face to face time and it was really very special.

With bears based up north in Sheffield and way down south in Cornwall, we decided on a central meeting point of Reading. We filled our bags with snacks and magazines (Breathe magazine is our favourite!) and set off to meet at the beautiful Great House in Sonning. We were lucky enough to have our own quiet room where team members could have a little lie down if they fancied it. We had a delicious lunch and then were able to step outside for a bit of fresh air by the river.

Despite that fact that we are based all over the country, our whole team regularly chats on Google Hangouts and I am extra lucky as I have ‘Catch Up Cuppas’ via video calls with our remote staff. Everyone has “met” plenty of times but it was really lovely to see our team together in person and everyone slotted straight into chatting as if they have a coffee together every week.

I got quite emotional (no surprise there!) looking around at the kind-hearted, brilliant, talented women that make up our little-but-growing gang. The love, ideas and hard work each person pours into what we do on a daily basis sometimes blows me away a bit. BearHugs is what is now because of all the amazing things each individual has contributed and that makes me really really proud.