What is a Hug in a Box?

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Here at BearHugs, we love the idea of a ‘hug in a box’, and if you’d like to find out where our Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye, first got the idea for BearHugs, check out the ‘Our Story’ page on the BearHugs website.

Faye says: "The idea for BearHugs first came about after I received an especially thoughtful package from a friend just when I needed it most."

In other words, a hug in a box!

“When you can't leave the house very often, anything arriving through the post takes on greater significance.  That little package completely turned my day around.”

That’s why here at BearHugs we believe so much in the power of hugs, and the power of a hug in a box.

If you’d like to know more about Sophia, the friend who helped spark the idea for BearHugs, please read Faye’s post about our very special Sophia Box.

Faye says: "The incredible person who sent that package was Sophia. I don't think she'll ever know how much that small act of kindness has meant. Especially now that it has gone on to inspire this very business which has been quite literally life changing for me. Her thoughtfulness and kindness brightened my day then and continues to now with every BearHug I send."

In fact, if you’re looking to send your first hug in a box, we think you couldn’t do better than the special Sophia Box. Not only is the box itself packed with lovely, elegant treats, all profits go straight towards paying for Sophia’s treatment in her battle with Lyme Disease.

An Extra Special BearHug | The Sophia Box
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So what makes hug in a box?

hug in a box bearhugs box of hugs

At BearHugs, we want every BearHugs box to deliver all the warmth and comfort of a hug to every recipient. This means every handpacked BearHugs box is full of especially chosen treats specifically designed to comfort and uplift.

Whether it’s handmade chocolates, classic books, pampering products, tasty teas, lovely mugs, delicious biscuits, soothing candles, fun stationary, or any of the other huge array of wonderful treats that BearHugs offers, there’s many ways to put together the perfect recipe for a hug in a box for your loved one.

bearhugs hug in a box box of hugs uk

There is, of course, one vital ingredient...you! With a personalised card or photo, the fact that you’ve chosen to send a loved one a BearHugs hug in a box will be the most meaningful part of all.

So why not send a BearHugs hug in a box today? Whether there’s a special reason, or no reason at all, we don’t think there’s a better way to show someone how much they mean to you than a BearHugs hug in a box.

P.S Don’t forget about our adorable little cub hugs! The perfect quick and cute way to show someone you’re thinking of them.