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Mindfulness Gifts

Mindfulness gifts have become more and more popular amongst our customers recently as the importance and benefits of mindfulness have become better understood. In short, mindfulness can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better.

Here’s some information for the NHS about mindfulness and some of BearHugs’ customer’s favourite mindfulness gifts.

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Hug in a Mug... in a box!

As hot-drink fanatics, we’ve been using the phrase a hug in a mug as long as we can remember. Sometimes it’s the only way to describe the joy of a nice warm drink just when you need it. If you’re tired, cold, or just taking a moment to yourself, holding a nice warm cuppa is as good as it gets.

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40 Reasons To Send a Hug

Why send a hug? Well, at this point, we don’t think you need us to tell you why hugs are so great. In fact, we think the more excuses to send a hug, the better.

So, here’s a list of just some of the reasons BearHugs customers have used BearHugs to send a hug to someone in their life

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Lovely Cosmetics

Featured in our ready-made BearHugs and a top pick when building your own, Lovely Cosmetics provide your recipient with naturally beautiful, quirky skincare. A sure winner to bring a lovely, big smile to their face. Handmade with love, fun and care (and based in Sheffield - our favourite!), Lovely Cosmetics have the loveliest values, which ensure the best quality, ethically sourced, organic ingredients for one’s skin.

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