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Sheffield Gifts - Our Favourite Sheffield Makers

For those of you who don’t know, Sheffield is the home of BearHugs!

Sheffield is where Faye, our Chief Sender of Hugs, went to university, and is home to so many of BearHugs’ favourite people and creators.

Did you know BearHugs stocks wonderful products from a whole host of brilliant Sheffield makers?

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Alkimi and Aura

Kim Scott founded Alkimi & Aura after leaving a rewarding but high-stress position as a director of a housing charity, taking early retirement to explore her passion for natural beauty and fragrance. Having always loved perfume, Kim took a leap of faith to study natural cosmetics and fragrances at the renowned Grasse Institute of Perfumery in France. She returned to the UK determined to empower and inspire other women to be creative, relax, connect with others and uncover their passions.

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Tipple Tails

The fantastic handmade creations of Tipple Tails are the work of Sheffield-based Jane Stammers. Jane’s passion for baking began from a young age; growing up with her parents and four siblings, Jane’s childhood was filled with memories of home grown fruit being made into delicious baked goods. As the years went by, Jane’s own fruit cake became such a family favourite that she was enlisted to bake it for numerous special occasions, before Tipple Tails was born. Jane uses fabulously indulgent boozy infusions to add the ‘tipple’ to her luxurious fruit cakes. Each flavour adds a little twist to the tradition; from flavours of chocolate, to ginger, cherry or cinnamon, all of course including unique liqueur infusions. And for those who love cake without the tipple, nothing can beat a ‘Total Fruit Cake’ with a steaming hot cuppa. Perfect!

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Lovely Cosmetics

Featured in our ready-made BearHugs and a top pick when building your own, Lovely Cosmetics provide your recipient with naturally beautiful, quirky skincare. A sure winner to bring a lovely, big smile to their face. Handmade with love, fun and care (and based in Sheffield - our favourite!), Lovely Cosmetics have the loveliest values, which ensure the best quality, ethically sourced, organic ingredients for one’s skin.

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