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New Challenges and the New Student Year

The start of the new student year can be daunting for lots of people. Thousands of students are heading to university for the first time - unsure what to expect, who they will meet and how their course will go.

And thousands more students are returning to university. Another year of exams, dissertations, late-nights out and late-nights studying.

It’s especially hard for students who are perhaps leaving some of their best friends. Whether that’s because not everyone is going to university, or people are heading off to different universities. Those people who you’ve been there for week in week out are now much further away. And of course you’ll keep in touch, but how can you best show someone that you’re still thinking of them? 

Whether you’re looking to give someone a pamper, a peaceful moment, or a chilled out evening with a book, we’ve got a whole range of thinking of you gift boxes designed to give all the warmth and comfort of a hug when you can’t be with them in person.

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Student Hug in a Box Care Packages

The start of a new year as a student is a really tough time - and one that reports are showing more and more people struggle with. The hardest thing can be the separation. You might be away from family, your old friends, your old support network. That’s why many of our customers like to send our BearHugs gift boxes as student care packages at the start of the new year - to let that special someone know that they are there with them, even if they can’t be in person.

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Exam Survival Gifts and Student Care Packages

While a lot of us have been welcoming the first signs of summer, for some, summer means that dreaded time of year - exam season. Stress, pressure, exhaustion - and that’s just the revision!

If you know someone who’s coming to the end of the academic year, we’d love to help you put together the perfect hug in a box to get them through this stressful time of year.

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