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Father's Day Gift Guide : Ten Father's Day Gift Ideas and Father's Day Gift Boxes

We know how difficult Father’s Day gifts can be. We know how many Dad’s out there, when asked what they would like as a Father’s Day gift, reply with a shrug, or an unhelpful “I don’t mind.”

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our top ten recommended Father’s Day gifts to help you put together the perfect Father’s Day gift box.

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Vegan Gift Box Ideas

It’s not always easy to find vegan gifts for the vegans in your life, let alone put together an entire vegan gift boxes!

We know a great number of our BearHugs customers (and their loved ones) are vegan, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite vegan treats to help get your vegan hug in a box gift started.

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Perfect Easter Gifts for Children

Are you looking for an extra special Easter gift for children this Easter? Here at BearHugs we’ve got a whole range of delightful items designed to help you put together the perfect Easter gifts for children - without just relying on chocolate!

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Easter Gift Boxes Delivered Full of Delicious Chocolate

Have you been looking to have the perfect chocolatey Easter gift box delivered to someone special in your life?

For a lot of people, Easter is a great excuse to enjoy a whole lot of chocolate. But what if you want to give someone (or yourself!) something a bit more exciting and personal than a standard supermarket Easter egg?  

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Cub Hugs as Table Party Favours!

I was in charge of table decor, games and gifts (this is a little piece of organisational heaven for me!). I made sure every person invited would receive a Cub Hug (a mini BearHug), with a small gift to remind them of the afternoon tea we were attending. I chose a mini chocolate and honeycomb bar by the wonderful Dandelion Cocoa (I had tasted their chocolate before and knew I was on to a winner!), accompanied by a personal message showing my thanks to everyone that came and made it so special for my sister-in-law. It made the loveliest gesture of appreciation, especially when many family members had travelled from afar.

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Mother's Day Presents Delivered to anywhere in the UK

Mother’s Day is nearly here! If you won’t have the chance to be with your Mum in person this Sunday (March 31st), then we’ve got the next best thing - a hug in a box delivered direct to her door to let her know just how much you care.

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Perfect Mother's Day Presents Delivered Right To Her Door

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present to show the special woman in your life just how much she means to you? We know that every Mum is special in her own way, so we’ve put together some Mother’s Day present tips to help you find the perfect present for the perfect Mum.

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Lovely Mother's Day Gifts Delivered To Her Door

Mother’s Day is coming soon (Sunday March 31st in the UK) which means it’s time once again to try and find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts to show just how much you love and appreciate the mother figure in your life.

We’ve put together some extra special Mother’s Day gifts this year, and we’re excited to tell you about some of the treats we’ve got available just for Mother’s Day.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Well, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that here at BearHugs we think a BearHugs hug in a box is the perfect way to say thank you for being such an important person in my life.

Whether given in person or sent from afar, a BearHug gift box will deliver all the warmth and comfort of a hug this Mother’s Day - letting that special person know exactly how much you appreciate and care for them.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Children

Recently our lovely Hug Outreach Assistant Laura suggested putting together some gifts for family members to give to children on Valentine’s Day. We thought it was a lovely idea and we weren’t sure why it hadn’t occurred to us before!

Have you been looking for children’s valentine’s gift ideas? Are you looking to give the little one in your family something special this February?

If you are, here are few ideas we came up with for filling a Valentine’s BearHug-in-box for the ‘cubs’ in your life…

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Our Seven Most Chocolatey Valentine's Day Chocolates and Gifts

For some people, if they think about Valentine’s Day, they think about Valentine’s Day chocolates.

We know that BearHugs customers love to include our delicious chocolate treats in their Valentine’s Day BearHugs, so we’ve created this handy guide to our most chocolatey items to help get you started.

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Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Tips

The best Valentine’s Day gift ideas are thoughtful, personal, and of course, romantic. At BearHugs we believe in taking any opportunity to show someone how much they mean to you - and Valentine’s Day is as good an excuse as any.

These are some of our top tips for putting together the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

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Thank You For Having Me Gifts To Send

Have you been looking for the perfect way to say thank you for having me? Do you want to thank someone for hosting or thank you for letting me stay with you?

Here at BearHugs, we’ve got a range of options to help you say thank you for having me in a personal, unique, thoughtful way.

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Mindfulness Gifts

Mindfulness gifts have become more and more popular amongst our customers recently as the importance and benefits of mindfulness have become better understood. In short, mindfulness can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better.

Here’s some information for the NHS about mindfulness and some of BearHugs’ customer’s favourite mindfulness gifts.

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Ten Thinking of You Gifts

Looking for the perfect thinking of you gift can be tricky.

You want it to be personal, caring, comforting, thoughtful, convenient...and a whole lot more besides!

That’s why we’ve decided to choose ten of our favourite BearHugs items to help get you started with the perfect thinking of you BearHugs hug in a box.

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Supporting Loved Ones at Exam Results Time

It’s exam result time! Reflecting on my time receiving exam results (many, many years ago!), I remember feeling such a whirlwind of emotions. Having a supportive ear and hand from those around me, played a big part in making sure I felt, whatever the results may be, that the outcome would be ok. Even if it required a different path to what I had envisaged. Then celebrating these achievements (no matter how long they took to reach), with others also congratulating me, was a wonderful feeling. Here at BearHugs, supporting each other is so important to us as a team and for our customers too. We have put together a little ‘analogy’ that may help you support your loved-one around results day.

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Send a gift to friends in Scotland

BearHugs has our thinking of you gift boxes delivered all over the world, but we’re always especially happy when people place BearHugs orders to send a gift to friends in Scotland, as BearHugs will always have roots in Scotland.

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Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with The Playful Indian | Brother and Sister Gift Ideas

Dina, the founder of The Playful Indian, has written a lovely blog post focussing on gift ideas for celebrating Raksha Bandhan, which this year takes place on Sunday August 26th. We are really happy that Dina chose to include BearHugs as a gift idea in her gift guide and have suggested a few BearHugs boxes we think could be perfect for celebrating brothers and sisters!

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Radiotherapy Gift Ideas

Just recently, we received a message through social media from a lovely lady called Heather, who, after seeing our Cub Hug (mini BearHug!) to support those going through Chemotherapy (see below), enquired as to whether we had a ready-made gift box to send to a loved-one experiencing Radiotherapy. Our Social Hug Assistant, Charlotte, was more than happy to help, explaining that although we did not have a ready-made BearHug/ Cub Hug for Radiotherapy treatment, that customers could select and build their own personalised box with the recipients needs/likes in mind. 

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