Cat Pin by Hello Sunshine

Cat Pin by Hello Sunshine


We all know a cat-lover whose feline-friend is always close by, so why not treat them to a cute kitty accessory that they can wear with pride! HelloSunshine’s shiny enamel pin designs are cat-cuteness overload, with their adorable pointy ears and purrfectly formed faces. These little pins can sit cheerfully on a favourite jumper, handbag pocket, as a (human!) collar clip, or even on a display board; the choices are endless for your loved-one!

Available in:

  • Black cat (black, with gold edging)

  • Tabby cat (yellow/orange, with gold edging)

  • Grey tabby cat (white, with silver edging)

Measures just over 15 x 15mm and is presented on beautiful backing card.

Image credit: Holly Booth Photography

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