Creative Kindness Journal by Emily Coxhead

Creative Kindness Journal by Emily Coxhead


Make someone happy and find your own happiness along the way. A creative kindness journal.

In a world that often feels gloomy, it's easy to feel trapped in negativity. Let this bright, creative journal be an escape for you or your loved one.

Make Someone Happy is your inspiring reminder that small, wonderful things are happening every day, and you have the power to spread joy too. For anyone who feels overwhelmed or needs a dose of kindness, this interactive pick-me-up will help you bring light to your little corner of the world, and the lives of those around you.

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In a world that feels gloomy, this book wants to make you happy

Why we love Emily Coxhead

Here at BearHugs, we love anyone who makes it their mission to put more happiness into the world and Emily Coxhead is a shining example of this. Emily is not only a beacon of love and positivity online but she also founded The Happy News, a newspaper to celebrate all that's good in the world. The Happy News shines a light people helping others and doing incredible things in all corners of the planet. We could not love the loveliness Emily puts out there more and we are incredibly proud to stock her beautiful creative kindness journal.