Tea and Biscuits Corporate Gift

Tea and Biscuits Corporate Gift

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This Tea and Biscuits Corporate Gift contains:

- Border Biscuits Mini Pack

- Everyday Brew Teapigs Mini Pack

- Message to recipient

Additional services including delivery, personalised individual messages, branded stickers and extra promotional materials are available below.

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What are Corporate Cub Hugs?

Corporate Cub Hugs are unique, thoughtful ‘hug in a box’ packages which businesses and companies can gift to employees, clients and customers.

Sending thoughtful gifts to employees, customers and clients is a lovely way to express appreciation for all they have done to help an organisation grow and thrive.

How does it work?

Business and organisations can select and order gifts from the Corporate Gifting page of the BearHugs website.

They can choose the quantities of gifts they would like to order (above) and then which add-on services they would like to receive (below).