Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the things other lovely BearHugs customers have asked in the past...

How long do BearHugs take to arrive?

All BearHugs gift boxes are packed with lots of love and care on the day the order is placed or the following working day. They are then immediately dispatched Royal Mail's 24 service.

BearHugs typically arrive within 2 working days.

Why hasn't my bearhug arrived Yet?

The most common reason for any delay is that no-one was home when Royal Mail attempted a delivery. In this case, a card will be put through the door with information about how your recipient can collect their gift box or rearrange a delivery for a time that suits them. The new arrival date will then depend entirely on when your recipient would like to collect their BearHug or have it delivered. If you're concerned about your BearHug having not arrived yet, please feel free to drop us an email and we'll be more than happy to look at our tracking information for you.

Will my recipient know who sent their BearHug?

When your BearHug arrives the lucky recipient will receive the gift you selected and any message that you chose to add to your box. 

We hate the idea that anything could detract from the intended sentiment, so we never include any additional documents in the gift.

As such, when writing your card message, please be aware that if no name is included, the recipient will not know who the BearHug is from and the delivery will be completely anonymous. This may be your intention as a random gesture of kindness.

If the recipient contacts us to find out who sent the BearHug, we will not release any information without your permission and will contact you to confirm if it would be acceptable to yourself to provide such details. This is due to the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Will my recipient receive any information about billing?

We'd hate for anything to detract from the sentiment behind your gift box, so we never include any information about billing or payment in the gift.

Can I send a BearHug internationally?

Yes you can! We recently introduced international shipping and we're so exciting to be sending hugs globally.

Why can't I find a 'Gifts for Men' Section?

While we appreciate customers may be used to seeing a 'For Him' section when shopping online on certain sites, it's not a categorisation we at BearHugs wish to make.

We'd rather not reinforce any expectations about which products are 'for' who, nor make any assumptions about those sending/receiving BearHugs based on gender.

If you want any tips on which BearHugs products would make up the perfect BearHug for someone specific in your life, send us an email at and we would be more than happy to make some suggestions!

Once you've 'built' and ordered your BearHug, a member of Team BearHugs will pack the treats you've chosen with lots of love and care in one of our signature gift boxes with outstretched paws.  If your items fit in one of our adorable mini BearHugs boxes, we will always use one of these to save on unnecessary waste packaging.

How will my 'Build Your Own BearHug' come packaged?

Can I order more than one 'Build Your Own' BearHug in one go?

While it's nice and easy to order a number of our standard gift boxes in one go, we've realised our website isn't quite cut out yet to manage more than one 'Build your Own' BearHug in one order.

This is something we're working on fixing, but in the meantime, if you would like to order more than 'Build Your Own BearHugs' gift boxes here's the best way to do it:

  1. Once you have finished building your first BearHugs box, go to your basket and checkout
  2. Whilst checking out, choose to create a BearHugs account. This will allow you to save your payment details and a delivery address so you don't have to enter them again.

  3. After you have checked out, start building your next BearHug.
  4. When you have finished, simply check out again using your account and the payment details you have saved.

If you're ordering multiple Build Your Own BearHugs boxes, please feel free to use the code MULTIPLEHUGS for 15% off as a little thank you from us 🐻💙

What happens if my BearHug is returned?

Sometimes, if an address is incorrect or a recipient doesn't collect their gift from the post office, our lovely BearHugs do not find their way to their intended addresses. When this happens Royal Mail scoop them up and send them back to us here at BearHugs HQ, this can sometimes take up to 18 days.

Once the lost BearHugs are returned to HQ we contact the sender and offer them the opportunity to pay for it to be redelivered to its rightful home at a cost of £3.99 (UK). 

If you think that your BearHug may be lost then please send us an email to and we can have a look into this for you.