Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the things other lovely BearHugs customers have asked in the past...

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+ What is a bearhug?

QUICK ANSWER: A personalised postal gift hamper in a signature box which opens to reveal two outstretched paws and a ‘Consider this a BearHug’ message .

A BearHug is a ‘hug-in-a-box’ gift hamper which you can order online, personalise and send directly to the doorstep of a loved one. Every BearHugs gift can be filled with treats of your choosing and comes with the option to add a personalised message. BearHugs gift hampers come in signature boxes which open to reveal two outstretched paws and a message which says ‘Consider this a BearHug’.

We offer a range of ‘ready to go’ gift boxes of you can build your own by choosing from our range of treats.


+ how big is a Bearhugs gift box?

QUICK ANSWER: There are three different types of BearHugs gift box that vary in size. Our full-sized gift box is 28 x 20.5 x 10.5cm.

Full sized BearHug dimensions: 28 x 20.5 x 10.5cm.

CubHug dimension: 14 x 10 x 5cm



+ how do i order a bearhug?

QUICK ANSWER: You can order a BearHug through the shop page on our website.

You can view our full range of 'Ready-To-Go' gift boxes on our shop page. When you add any of our standard boxes to your basket, a form will pop up giving you the oppotrtunity to add a personalised message to your gift before you checkout.

If you can't see the perfect gift for your loved one, there is also the option to add items to a 'Ready-To-Go' gift box or you can 'Build Your Own' BearHug here.


+ i provided the wrong shipping or billing address at checkout, how do i change this?

QUICK ANSWER: No worries! This is easily fixed. Drop us an email with the correct address and your order number and we'll get it sorted straight away.

If you realise you've provided the wrong billing or delivery address at checkout, don't worry we'll be able to fix it as long as you get in touch before you receive a shipping confirmation email from us. If you drop us an email with the correct address and your order number, we will get it sorted straight away.

Once you have spoken to a member of Team BearHugs and they have confirmed that they're able to make the change, please don't worry if the incorrect address is still in your shipping confirmation email. It is purely because the emails are automatically generated and draw on the information we originally received.


+ how will my 'build your own bearhug' come packaged?

QUICK ANSWER: In one of our super cute signature 'hug' boxes!

Once you've 'built' and ordered your BearHug, a member of Team BearHugs will pack the treats you've chosen with lots of love and care in one of our signature gift boxes with outstretched paws. If your items fit in one of our adorable mini BearHugs boxes, we will always use one of these to save on unnecessary waste packaging.


+ why can't i find a gifts for men section?

QUICK ANSWER: We don't have one because we'd rather not reinforce any expectations about which products are 'for' who, nor make any assumptions about those sending/receiving BearHugs based on gender.

While we appreciate customers may be used to seeing a 'For Him' section when shopping online on certain sites, it's not a categorisation we at BearHugs wish to make.

We'd rather not reinforce any expectations about which products are 'for' who, nor make any assumptions about those sending/receiving BearHugs based on gender.

If you want any tips on which BearHugs products would make up the perfect BearHug for someone specific in your life, send us an email at and we would be more than happy to make some suggestions!


+ will my recipient know who sent their bearhug?

QUICK ANSWER: Yes, if you pop your name in your personalised message.

When your BearHug arrives the lucky recipient will receive the gift you selected and any message that you chose to add to your box.

We hate the idea that anything could detract from the intended sentiment, so we never include any additional documents in the gift.

As such, when writing your card message, please be aware that if no name is included, the recipient will not know who the BearHug is from and the delivery will be completely anonymous. This may be your intention as a random gesture of kindness.

If the recipient contacts us to find out who sent the BearHug, we will not release any information without your permission and will contact you to confirm if it would be acceptable to yourself to provide such details. This is due to the Data Protection Act of 1998.


+ will my recipient receive any information about billing?

QUICK ANSWER: No, we'd hate for anything to detract from the sentiment of your gift.

We'd hate for anything to detract from the sentiment behind your gift box, so we never include any information about billing or payment in the gift.



+ what are bearhugs' shipping charges?

QUICK ANSWER: Standard UK delivery is £2.99-£3.99 per gift box.

Standard delivery in the UK is £2.99- £3.99 depending on the weight of your gift box. If you order before 11am your gift box will be dispatched on the same working day with Royal Mail's 24 service. If you order after 11am your gift box will typically be dispatched on the following working day with Royal Mail's 24 service.

BearHugs is happy to now offer international delivery to Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. At checkout you will have the opportunity to enter a delivery address in or outside of the UK and select an appropriate shipping method. Tracked international delivery is £8.99 - £19.99 dependent on the delivery location and weight of your gift box.


+ can i send a bearhug internationally?

QUICK ANSWER: Yes you can! We recently introduced international shipping and we're so excited to be sending hugs globally.

If you would like to send a BearHug internationally, simply provide the international address you would like your gift sent to as the 'shipping address' at checkout. You will then be given the option to select an appropriate shipping method. International shipping charges start at £8.99 and depend on weight of box and destination. All international BearHugs should arrived within 10 working days.


+ when should i expect my bearhug to arrive?

QUICK ANSWER: Within 2 working days (UK)

UK Orders

If you place an order before 11am (GMT), we will pack and send your BearHugs gift box (with lots of love and care) on the day of order with Royal Mail's 24 service. If you place an order after 11am (GMT), we will dispatch your BearHugs gift box within 1 working day with Royal Mail's 24 service. BearHugs sent within the UK typically arrive within 2 working days.

International Orders

If your BearHug is being sent internationally, it will be dispatched with Royal Mail's tracked international service. BearHugs sent internationally typically arrive within 10 working days.


+ can i track my bearhug?

QUICK ANSWER: Absolutely! If you drop us an email with your order number, we'll send across your tracking information straight away.

We receive a Royal Mail tracking reference number for every BearHug that we send. If you would us to send you the tracking number for your gift, please drop us an email or give us a call and we'll get this across to you straight away.


+ why hasn't my bearhug arrived yet?

QUICK ANSWER: Let us have a look at our tracking information for you. We'd love to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

When a BearHug hasn't arrived we find there are a few common reasons behind this:

  • No-one was home when Royal Mail first attempted to deliver it

  • The address we received with your order was inaccurate or incomplete

If no-one was home when Royal Mail attempted a delivery, a card should have been put through the door for your recipient. This card provides information about how your recipient can collect their gift box or rearrange a delivery for a time that suits them. Please bear in mind that the new arrival date will then depend on when your recipient would like to collect their BearHug or have it delivered. If your recipient does not rearrange a delivery for or collect their BearHug within 18 working days, it will then be returned to us at BearHugs HQ. If we receive your returned BearHug, we will get in touch with you straight away to let you know. We are happy to re-send your BearHug if you would like us to.

In order to get your BearHug to your recipient safe and sound, we need a full and complete delivery address including a post code. If you would like your BearHug delivered to flats, office buildings or hospitals, the delivery address should include specific information about where your recipient can be found within the buildings or complex. If the address we receive with your order is inaccurate or incomplete, your BearHug may be lost, delayed within Royal Mail, delivered to the inaccurate address or returned to us. Gift boxes with incomplete or inaccurate addresses can take up to two weeks to be returned to us. If your BearHug is returned to us, we will get in touch with you straight away to let you know. We are happy to re-send your BearHug to the correct address if you would like us to.

If you're concerned about your BearHug having not arrived yet, please feel free to drop us an email and we'll be more than happy to look at our tracking information for you.


+ what happens if my gift box is returned?

QUICK ANSWER: As soon as we receive your BearHug back at BearHugs HQ, we'll let you know and will be happy to resend it if you'd like us to.

Sometimes, if an address is incorrect or a recipient doesn't collect their gift from the post office, our lovely BearHugs do not find their way to their intended addresses. When this happens Royal Mail scoop them up and send them back to us here at BearHugs HQ, this can sometimes take up to 18 days.

Once the lost BearHugs are returned to HQ we contact the sender and offer them the opportunity to pay for it to be redelivered to its rightful home at a cost of £3.99 (UK).

If you think that your BearHug may be lost then please send us an email and we can have a look into this for you.



+ how can i join team bearhugs?

QUICK ANSWER: I'm afraid BearHugs isn't hiring at the moment, but we are growing quickly so opportunities may come up in the near future.

If we have any opportunities we will always post about them across our social media channels. If you're interested in joining Team BearHugs, be sure to keep an eye on out for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


+ are you able to fulfil corporate orders?

QUICK ANSWER: Yes, we love working with brands that share our values.

If you'd like to treat employees or clients to our hugs, please do get in touch - we'd love to hear from you. We offer a range of gift boxes which we can add your personalised branded messages to. They make great favours for events, thank you gifts for important partners or 'just because' desk drops for teams of all sizes.


+ do you work with bloggers and online influencers?

QUICK ANSWER: BearHugs loves to work with lovely bloggers and online influencers.

We know just how big an impact you can have for small business like ours. We really appreciate you helping us to spread the word about the hugs we send and the causes we support.


+ will you stock my product?

QUICK ANSWER: If you make a beautiful product that's a good fit for BearHugs, we'd love to hear more from you.

We love making new talented maker friends and are always on the lookout for beautiful new products to put in our gift boxes. If you are based in the UK and make something that you think would complement our range please do get in touch. We'd love to chat more and look at wholesale pricelists etc.


+ how do i become a bearhugs stockist?

QUICK ANSWER: Drop us an email, we'd love to chat more about supplying you with our hugs!

If you would like to stock BearHugs in your brick-and-mortar shop or online store, please drop us an email. It would be great to chat with you.