Team BearHugs

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Founder and Chief Sender of Hugs, Faye, launched BearHugs in the summer of 2015 whilst unwell with Lyme Disease. Faye is a big believer in the idea that little acts of kindness can make a BIG difference. She'd love to send as many hugs and spread as much love as possible. Faye is very excited to be growing Team BearHugs and is proud to be able to offer flexible work / volunteering opportunities to people living with chronic illness.

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SENDER OF HUGS & Customer Care Representative

Sian joined Team BearHugs as one of our fantastic 'Senders of Hugs' in May 2017. Sian's favourite thing about working for BearHugs is having the opportunity to cheer people up on a daily basis. She brings a lovely happy energy to BearHugs HQ and we count ourselves ridiculously lucky to have her as part of the team.

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SENDER OF HUGS & Customer Care Representative

Lyndsey joined BearHugs in May at the same time as Sian. Lyndsey likes that as a Sender of Hugs she gets to help to spread love and kindness. Lyndsey is thoughtful, compassionate and always a real pleasure to be around. if you're looking for any assistance, she'll be more than happy to help.

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Hug Donation Assistant

Georgina, our lovely Hug Donation Assistant, joined BearHugs in January 2018 and will be the first member of the BearHugs family to work with us remotely. As you may know, for every 50 gift boxes we sell we donate one to someone affected by ill health. Georgina will be checking in with our charity partners to find out who is in need of that bit of extra love and designing perfectly personalised packages for our donation recipients. 

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EXTRA PAIR OF PAWs / volunteer Assistant

Charlotte, a 100% lovely Speech and Language Therapy student, joined Team BearHugs as a volunteer in January 2017.  Charlotte is keen to make a positive difference in people's lives and will be putting together special packages for seriously ill children as part of BearHugs' commitment to the charity Post Pals

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Teddy has been part of BearHugs from Day One. Back when BearHugs used to run from the top floor of Faye's house, Teddy would be sure to oversee all goings on. He's now our little office companion, always on call for emergency cuddles and moral support. 

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