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Brighter Days Are Coming Coaster

Brighter Days Are Coming Coaster

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If you're searching for a heartwarming gift for a loved one, look no further. With its clean and simple blush pink and coral design, this coaster is all about spreading some good vibes and positivity with its uplifting mantra: "Brighter days are coming."

"Brighter days are coming" is one of those encouraging phrases that remind us to stay positive and hopeful, no matter what challenges we might be facing right now. It's like a little ray of sunshine that says, "Hey, things might be tough at the moment, but hang in there because better times are on their way!"

Placed on a coffee table, desk or bedside table, this little coaster will serve as a friendly nudge to your loved one, assuring them that everything will eventually fall into place. It's a reminder that you know they have strength to overcome any hurdles that come their way.

Crafted with top-notch cork, this coaster won’t leave those annoying water rings or mess up surfaces!

90 x 90mm.

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