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Bumper Christmas Hug in a Box Gift

Bumper Christmas Hug in a Box Gift

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Send a warm, cosy, and oh-so-delicious Christmas surprise with our "Bumper Christmas Hug in a Box" gift!

Allow your loved ones to unwrap the magic of the festive season with this thoughtfully curated box of goodies. It's the perfect way to send love and warm wishes to friends, family, or anyone who could use a little extra Christmas cheer.

Inside this bumper hug in a box gift, you'll find:

Mulled Wine Spices: Transform a glass of red into a simmering cup of spicy, aromatic mulled wine. It's the taste of Christmas in a glass.

🍫 Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows: The cosiest duo! Dive into velvety hot chocolate topped with fluffy marshmallows for a heavenly sip of warmth.

🍬 Chocolate Sprouts: Trust us, these sprouts are way better than the real deal! A sweet and fun twist on a classic holiday veggie.

🍫 Dark Chocolate Raisins: A little sweet, a little decadent. These bite-sized gems are perfect for satisfying those chocolate cravings.

🕯️ Warming Merry Christmas Candle: Light up the room with a soothing, Orange, Clove and Cinnamon scented candle. Set the ambiance for a warm and snug winter evening.

🥜 Pistachios & BBQ Peanuts: Two boxes of nuts perfect for snacking and sharing: Roasted, Salted Pistachios and Smoky BBQ Peanuts.

🐧 Penguin Hot Chocolate Stirrer: Stir up some Christmas magic with this adorable handmade penguin-shaped hot chocolate stirrer. It's almost too cute to use!

❄️ Winter Tea: A special blend of winter spiced tea to keep cosy on chilly winter nights. It's like a warm hug from the inside.

💰 Chocolate Coins: Celebrate the season with a little chocolate treasure. These coins bring a touch of nostalgia and deliciousness.

Little Coffee Bag: For those mornings when you need an extra pick-me-up, this coffee bag is your best friend.

Whether you're spreading festive cheer near or far, this gift is sure to make anyone's Christmas extra special.

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