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Christmas Chocolate Hug in a Box

Christmas Chocolate Hug in a Box

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If you're lookingĀ for a fun and festive surprise for a loved one this Christmas, we might just have exactly what you're after.

Introducing our Christmas Chocolate Hug in a Box - it's a chocoholic's dream come true containing...

šŸ§ Penguin Hot Chocolate Stirrer: Meet the newest member ofĀ the Sorrel's Cocoa Bakery handmadeĀ chocolate crew. Just dip this little fella into a warm cup of milk, give it a swirl, and enjoy a great big hug in a mug. Perfect for cosy, firesideĀ eveningsĀ dreaming of a white Christmas.

šŸ« Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate Swirl Bar: It's the dynamic duo of chocolateĀ flavours. ThisĀ swirly masterpiece combines the rich, creamy goodness of milk chocolate with the dreamy, velvety texture of white chocolate. A match made in chocolate heaven, designed to satisfy every chocolate craving.

šŸ¬ Chocolate Brussel Sprouts: Yep, you read it right! These aren't your average sprouts ā€“ they're delicious bites of cocoa joy. No need to worry about eating your greens when you've got these chocolate Brussels to munch on!

Whether you're sharing it with your family, friends, or gifting it to your favourite chocoholic, this hug in a box is the perfect way to kickstart the festive fun. It's like gifting a box of pure Christmas cocoa happiness.


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