An Extra Special BearHug | The Sophia Box

An Extra Special BearHug | The Sophia Box


This BearHug is a very special one. All profits from this box will be donated to a cause very close to BearHugs' heart - Sophia Fights Lyme.

Sophia, the lovely lady who inspired BearHugs, is very poorly with Lyme Disease. To get well again, she desperately needs to access treatment not available on the NHS. On buying this BearHug, you will be helping her fund this much treatment.

This extra special hug in a box contains relaxing lavender and jojoba bath salts, nourishing lip balm, a twin pack of pretty floral notebooks and a birch wooden coaster engraved with ‘Hello, Lovely’.

PERSONALISATION: You will be able to add a personal message, provide a delivery address and choose when we send your hug at checkout.

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At checkout you will be given the option to add a personalised message to your gift. Your message will be printed on a BearHugs notecard (totally free of charge!) and will be the first thing your recipient sees on opening their hug in a box.

Not sure what to say? We know finding the right words can be really tough. We’ve put together a little list of lovely quotes that our incredibly thoughtful customers have used in the past. If you see something that could be a good fit, you can copy and paste it into your message.



On a difficult day several years ago, the postman knocked on my front door with a package.  I wasn't expecting anything so I was surprised when I saw it had my name on. I took the package back to my bed, which I hadn't been able to leave for the past month. I pulled out a pretty box and was intrigued to hear it rattle with things inside. On opening the box I found it was packed full of lots of little treats; each clearly specially selected with the sole purpose of making my day a little easier and brighter. Overwhelmed with gratitude, I went on to open the small card I'd found at the bottom of the box.  On reading the message inside, I burst into tears.  When you can't leave the house very often, anything arriving through the post takes on greater significance. That package completely turned my day around and made me feel a lot less alone. 

The incredible person who sent that package was Sophia. I don't think she'll every know how much that small act of kindness has meant. Especially now that it has gone on to inspire this very business which has been quite literally life changing for me. Her thoughtfulness and kindness brightened my day then and continues to now with every BearHug I send.

It breaks my heart that Sophia is currently very poorly with Lyme Disease. Despite the fact that she faces unimaginable levels of pain every day, there are no appropriate treatment options available to her in the UK.  She is now having to fundraise to access treatment outside of the NHS. I'm desperate to help her however I can.

I couldn't think of a better way to do my bit than by building a BearHug in her honour. This gift box, The Sophia Box, is designed to match the original package Sophia sent me as closely as possible - I've tried to match every item like for like. 

All profits from this gift box will go straight to Sophia's GoFundMe page here.


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